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23rd Feb 2013
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Clan Leader: CTGxCHEETAH

Clan Co-Leader: Ravenking93

Competitive Leader: CTGxGoose

Minecraft Leader: XBLACKxLEOPARDX

Bravo Squad Captain: CTGxBoDoM

New Co-Leader for CTGx
15th Jul 2013 · Leader Cheetah · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

I Andrew, Leader for Corrupt Thiefs Gaming, would like to officially announce the recruitment of RavenKing93 to Co-leader for Corrupt Thiefs Gaming. He will be second in command and required to have all clan members on his friends list for xbox so please be sure to add him.

RavenKing93, we welcome you to Corrupt Thiefs Gaming and into the life of a Co-Leader, we know you will be a strong leader and help take us further into the future.

Members Needed for Clan Podcast
6th Jul 2013 · Just Another HO · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Corrupt Thiefs Gaming plans to do a clan podcast in the near future. In order to set a date, we need to know who would like to participate. You will need to have Skype and add TheTruCommentator. Contact Cheetah or Soul Mystique if you have any questions.

Brand New Logo!
5th Jul 2013 · Just Another HO · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Corrupt Thiefs Gaming is proud to display it's new logo! The design was created by TheFurCrew. Show off your clan pride and create an emblem using the new clan logo on Black Ops: 2.

Check Out Live Steaming on CTGxLive!
10th Jun 2013 · Just Another HO · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

CTGx is excited to announce that it has just launched Corrupt Thiefs Gaming Live! The Corrupt Thiefs Gaming Live program will allow you to view the skills of clan members or show off your own capabilities for visitors and fans to watch. You can access more info and start watching live streams at www.corruptthiefsgaming.com/page/livestream or simply click the link at the top of the clan webpage titled CTGxLive.
Check it out and support your fellow clan members!

New Journalist On Board with CTGx!
9th Jun 2013 · Just Another HO · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

Corrupt Thiefs Gaming has enlisted a new journalist! Short articles and tweets will be written by Mira. She is extremely excited about being able to help spread the word and keeping everyone updated on clan activities.

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