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Tournament Rules

General Rules

General Rules

The full general rules can be found here.

The following rules are provided for easy reference only, and are not a complete list. It is the responsibility of all members of a team to understand and abide by the complete list of general rules.

2. Admin Assignment

Admin Assignment

An admin will only be assigned to a match if they are requested by a Player/Team Captain or another Admin.

Requests must be made by submitting a support ticket at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled match time. The admin request must include the following in the support ticket:

Ladder name
Match ID
Teams playing

If an admin is assigned they must be invited by the match host before match start time, and they will remain in the room to spectate the entire match. Admins may be requested for voice chat meetings with both teams as well. Same process applies as outlined above.

3. Match Issues

Admin Calls

If a team/player disagrees with an Admin's call, they must submit a support ticket. Challenging a call made by the admin should NEVER be done DURING the match. Should any player attempt to argue with the admin mid-match, they will be subject to penalties at the admin's and/or Head Admin's discretion.

Each player/team will have 5 challenges to use per season. If your team wins the challenge, your 5 challenges remain. If the decision is not overturned by an Admin, then your team will lose 1 challenge.

Reporting Match Issues

If a player/team has an issue with their ladder match that they would like an admin to address they can submit a support ticket.

Teams/players have 5 days from the reporting of their match to submit a support ticket for admin review. If a support ticket is submitted after 5 days from the reporting of the match the support ticket will not be reviewed.

Included in the support ticket must be UNEDITED video as proof or images. Failure to provide proof may cause the ticket to be closed.

Providing Details

When a team/player submits a support ticket it needs to be for a specific issue and detailed so the admins can effectively address your problem. Only specific problems are addressed in a support ticket. If you fill out a support ticket that is vague on details, the admin will respond back to you asking for clarification and further details such as:

•Which player broke the rule.

•What map was the issue in.

•About how far into the map was the rule broken (it is preferred if you can give the exact time on the timer).
•A link to the UNEDITED Video

If you submit a support ticket over a call a ref made please provide which call, which player, what map and when in the map. A support ticket will not open a whole match up for review, only for the specific issue the team is asking to be addressed.

Reporting a Tie

In the event of a tie during a game, a player/team will move onto the next map in the match. If at the end of playing all the maps someone has not won best 2-out-of-3, then play the first map tied again.

When reported a match where there was a Tie ensure you put the score properly in the system.

4. Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

In order to create a friendly and comfortable environment for all participants, the following Code of Conduct will be strictly enforced:

Members will treat each other with respect at all times. No member will use comments about nationality, age, gender, race, religious belief, or sexual orientation to insult others.

Members will exhibit good sportsmanship at all times. There will be no taunting, harassing, or unsportsmanlike conduct.

Profanity and language of an offensive nature will not be tolerated, whether on forums or any type of voice or text communications. There will be no discussion of nudity, sexual content, use of illegal substances, or any other adult content, whether by images, text or voice communications.

Members will not attempt to manipulate the game or ladder system in an attempt to give any player or team an unearned advantage. This includes intentionally killing one's teammates or oneself.

Penalties for violating the Code of Conduct include, but are not limited to:

•Loss of ELO points, which may affect ladder standings.

•Forfeit of the match during which the violation occurred.

•Temporary suspension of the offending member or team.

•Permanent removal of the member or team from ladders.

For more information on how penalties are assessed, please see the General Rules.

5. Playing Matches


Teams/Players must play at least one match per week, starting at the season's start date. Teams not meeting this requirement may be set to inactive, at the Head Admin's discretion.

If your team is set as inactive, simply submit a support ticket when you are ready to have your team reactivated for play on the ladder.

5.2 Crown Holder

The Crown Holder is awarded to the first person to join the Ladder, then awarded to the person to defeat the Crown Holder. The Crown then travels around to Ladder like so.

In the event that the Crown Holder becomes inactive at ANY time for more than one week, the Crown MAY BE reassigned in the proper fashion.

There will be no exceptions to this rule. The rule stands at all times.

Change Requests

Anytime a match is rescheduled, a change request must be submitted and accepted at least 4 hours prior to the originally scheduled date and time.

A change request will ONLY be considered valid when;

The change request has been ACCEPTED by the opposing team. Verbal agreements & agreements made outside of fragged nation are NOT considered proof for the purpose of disputing a match.

If a change request is not submitted in the allotted time and a team or person fails to show up on time then a forfeit may be requested or the match may be deleted at the discretion of the team that is present and on time.

Accepting a Change request will add reputation points to your account, as will submitting a change request that gets accepted. This is to encourage matches to be played by rewarding them with community reputation points that make a member more credible within the community.

Player Connects / Disconnects

If any player is disconnected before the first kill is made, the match must be restarted.

If a player is disconnected during a 1 vs 1 game after the first kill then that member will forfeit that game, regardless of score at time of disconnection.

If while playing a team match and the host disconnects prior to the first kill the map will be restarted with a new host. In the event that the host disconnects after the first kill the hosts team will forfeit that map.

For Team Based matches the match shall continue, and the dropped player may rejoin as soon as they can. No substitutions may be made during a map.

Private lobbies should be closed during the game. Should a random player manage to join during the match that player will be asked to leave. If the player leaves immediately without spawning, the match will continue. Should the player spawn into the match and cause disruption, that round will need be disputed via support ticket AFTER THE MATCH. Please ensure you include any evidence you may have. The admins call is final.

Lag Test

A lag test must conducted for at least 60 seconds prior to any match being played, and any time the host is changed. Failure to conduct a lag test will cause any support tickets turned in to be closed. During the lag test, teams must pick the best player (from the hosting team) to host the match. If issues occur with players being dropped after the test has been conducted, teams should follow the drop player rules of the ladder.

All lag test must have either camera recording on an image available to show proof it was done. Teams can choose not to conduct the lag test, however, both teams must comment on the match comments saying that lag test is not needed.

Glitch/Floating Spots

For these ladders, a 'glitch' spot is defined as any area where a player is inside, underneath or on top of a wall or other object, which is otherwise inaccessible during normal play. Individual 'glitch' spots are subject to review by a ladder's Head Admin and are judged on the severity of the purported glitch & any advantage the player may have gained. The ladders Head Admin has the final call.

Teams/ Rosters

You may rotate any eligible member of your roster for play at the beginning of any round.

You may substitute one ineligible player for play during the match. An ineligible player is someone who was NOT on your roster at the time of challenge, but as of the date of the match has been on the roster for at least 36 hours.

Any team may substitute an ineligible player who was not on their roster at the time of the challenge, but has signed on AT LEAST TWO HOURS PRIOR to the time and date of the match.This is contingent on agreement from the opposing team.

No exceptions will be made for players NOT on the roster 2 hours prior to the match.

Substituting more than 1 ineligible player in accordance to the rules above is strictly prohibited unless otherwise specified in the ladder specific rules regardless of any team agreements. Both teams will be penalized.

5.8 Hosting

Challenging or Top Seeded team will have choice of host on map #2.

Challenged or Bottom Seeded team will have choice of host on maps #1 and #3.

This means that the CHALLENGED team is responsible for start of game invites for the opposing team to join lobby in ladders.

This means that the TOP SEEDED team is responsible for start of game invites for the opposing team to join lobby in tournaments

5.9 DLC

No DLC is allowed during Fraggednation matches (unless otherwise stated)

6. General

There will be none of the following forms of cheating:
4.Lag Switch

All Tournament Games will be held by one of the following hosts:
2.Wu Tanger

7. Banned List

Banned Weapons:
3.R870 MCS
7.Assault Shield
9.Ballistic Knife

Banned Attachments:
1.Grenade Launcher
2.Rapid Fire
3.Target Finder

Banned Perks:
1.Flak Jacket
3.Dead Silence

Banned Equipment and Lethals:
2.Bouncing Betty
4.Sensor Grenade
5.Tactical Insertion

Banned Scorestreaks:
1.Hunter Killer
2.Care Package
4.Orbital VSAT
6.K9 Unit

8. Game Setup

1.Time Limit: 5 Minutes
2.Score Limit: Unlimited
3.Respawn Delay: 5 Seconds
4.Switch Sides: Every Round

Kill Confirmed:
1.Time Limit: 10 Minutes
2.Score Limit: 30 points

Team Deathmatch:
1.Score Limit: 60 Points
2.Time Limit: 10 Minutes

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