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Competitive Leader: CTGxGoose

Minecraft Leader: XBLACKxLEOPARDX

Bravo Squad Captain: CTGxBoDoM

Clan Recruitment

Welcome to Corrupt Thiefs Gaming Recruitment!

So you are interested in joining Corrupt Thiefs Gaming huh? Well I am sure you would like to know how to sign up for CTGx and I am going to tell you! Joining CTGx is a simple process and there is NO tryout to be in the clan! Awesome, but there is a mic requirement...A member must have some form of mic to be able to talk with clan members. This may include an xbox mic, wireless mic, or gaming headset like Astros or Turtle Beaches

There IS a tryout for Competitive squads. We also feature a Minecraft division for those members who feel like building! We can feature their builds on the website for ALL to see.

CTGx is also on ELITE and members participate in clan challenges, operations, etc. Now that you know a little about the clan how about the clan rules? Once you read through these if you find them to be acceptable then you can move on to the next step.

Click here for the clan rules, please note that it is YOUR responsibility to know the clan rules.

Now that you understand the clan rules we can begin the recruitment process! SWEET!

Step 1: You will need to create an account on this website, you should find a button in the top right of your screen and it will say "Register", Click it. After that you will need to complete the registration process.
Note: the registration email will ask for a verification link, this link in your email will be the longest link.

Step 2: At this point your account should be registered and verified. The next step is to fill out your profile with any information you have.

Step 3: Now that your account is filled out you will need to send in a clan application. This process will be simple as it is only a few questions.

Step 4: Once the application is sent in you will need to wait for an officer or clan leader to review your application. If your application is accepted you will receive a notice via Email.

Step 5: Fully integrate as a CTGx member, there is a list of requirements below that will need to be completed before you are a full member, once these requirements have been met you will receive your official rank.

-Join CTGx on Call of Duty: ELITE, the clans name on ELITE is "Corrupt Thiefs"

-Rep the clan, this means one of two things, you can either change your GamerTag to include CTGx (Ex. CTGxCheetah) or you need to ALWAYS use the clan tag CxTx

-Be proud of your clan. This means on your Gamer profile for xbox typing in something to show you're a member of CTGx. This could be your rank, squad, division, etc.

-Many members include the clan tag in their emblem for Black Ops 2, this is optional and you are still required to use the clan tag wherever available.
Congrats! You have successfully joined CTGx, now what? Well you can apply to a squad or special division if you want your you can just be a member of CTGx and brag to all your friends!

To join a competitive squad or apply for a special rank in the clan you must submit an application. On the top bar of this website you can find an application tab where all the applications can be found.

You must fill out whichever application you want and the clan Leader will get back to you after careful consideration.

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Corrupt Thiefs Gaming COD
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Central Outpost

Check out our clan at the Central Outpost!

Corrupt Thiefs Gaming
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